Sweet Bella Cakes - Satisfy your sweet tooth!
Cake Flavors:                                        Fillings:
Chocolate                                             Strawberry
Vanilla                                                  Chocolate Bavarian Cream
Strawberry                                            Bavarian Cream
Pineapple                                             Coconut
Carrot Cake*                                         Lemon
Spice                                                   Guava
Butter Pecan                                        Peach
Chocolate Chip*                                    Pineapple
Lemon                                                 Cream cheese                                              
Butter Cream  $2.00/person
Fondant  $3.00/person
Whipped topping  $2.00/person
This pricing is for a basic cake. Any additional work would be charged extra depending on difficulty or additional items.
Cake Pops:
Basic cake pops $1.00/each
Character or design cake pops $2.00/each
***Minimum order of 40 cake pops
***Please e-mail for any specialty cake orders.
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